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LAB & Retail Services

Lab Services
  • Printing on real photo Paper up to  30x45cm

  • Printing from any media (Cellphones included)

  • Even though we no longer process negatives, we can still print from your negatives.

  • Same day service on most services

  • Large format photo prints printed on genuine Epson paper with genuine Epson ink.

Large Format Printing & Lamination
  • Printing & Lamination of all sizes up to 1m width

  • Canvas Printing & Stretching

  • Document Printing & Binding

Design Services
  • Company profiles & folders

  • Digital restoration of old photographs

  • Photo books

  • School Year Books

  • Novelty items

ID & Visa photo services
  • All ID & Visa photographs will be provided to the current & correct specifications

  • Framing Service

  • All Camera Equipment

  • Photo Albums

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